What Do You Need to Know About Vivo Y12 Features?

As per the latest reports, vivo y12 has been launched in the markets with a new design and specifications. These handsets have been equipped with some features that are certainly great to see in a smartphone. Apart from that, it is endowed with some impressive features that will surely delight the users. The price is not much high as per the market but it is yet affordable by common people. The prices of these handsets will vary according to features and screen size.
Elegant Design
The unique features of this smartphone will surely attract buyers due to its elegant design. This gadget is the first of its kind that will feature a full QWERTY keyboard. The navigation keys are placed close to the screen for easy access. The physical keyboard also allows users to navigate through different applications quickly. The buttons are backlit and are smooth to use.

This is why they have developed an anti-blue light screen protector that not only protects your phone’s screen from scratches and scuffs, but also reduces the strain on your eyes. This is a must buy if you’re on your phone every hour of the day. Fourth on this list is the privacy screen protector for the Vivo Y12. This time Synvy designed a privacy screen protector for those that like a bit of privacy when using their phones and don’t want others peeking. The protector is made from soft TPU film which protects your phone from scratches, scuffs and unwanted eyes trying to look over your screen.

Some of the features like infrared sensor, HID access light, HID projector, USB modem, HID keypad, FM radio, GPS, OVI board, memory card slot, Bluetooth, WiFi and GPRS are present in this gadget. There is no contract option in this handset, which is another unique aspect of this device. It is said to be a good phone as it offers a rich variety of apps with all the features required by users. It is predicted to emerge as the best smartphone in the coming years.